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9 am  |  10:30 am

Christmas Eve Service Times
1 pm | 3 pm | 5 pm


Grace Church is committed to the Great Commission
efforts around the world, beginning in our "Jerusalem".


We provide financial and spiritual support for families and individuals in strategic places on several continents, including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. The church designates 10% of our giving to missions.

Want to pray for our missionaries?


English as a Second Languague (ESL)

ESL will begin this fall on Monday, September 17th at 7pm at Grace Church. 

Contact Tim and Sandy Farner for more information.


MAT Team

Grace Church Missions is led by the Missions Action Team (MAT), a group committed to providing news and information from our ministry partners to encourage the people of Grace Church to pray for them.

The Missions Action Team supports and encourages several local outreach initiatives:

Grace in the City
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Kairos Prison Ministry 

MAT organizes events that promote the cause of missions by engaging them in outreach, hosting visiting ministry partners invited to come share their personal stories; celebrating the outreach activities of the people of Grace Church. MAT provides funding for Vacation Bible School and other summer outreaches.

MAT provides opportunities for adults, youth and families to go to places of great need and partner with local believers in outreach to their communities.

Grace Church is engaged with several strategic partners by supporting the ministries and in some cases, sending teams to serve as volunteers.

For additional information please contact Pastor Tim Farner at


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